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The final phase of the interviews has already begun

During the spring, we moved on with the project to collect the last part of the interviews. We are collecting them in the so-called new housing estates in Prague and Brno. Specifically, it is about Nový Hloubětín and Kamechy.

In Nový Hloubětín we are focusing on residential projects such as Kejřův park 1, Kejřův park 2, Zahrady nad Rokytkou, SUOMI Hloubětín and LAPPI Hloubětín.

Kamechy is a new residential area being developed in Brno Bystrc between the Bystrc housing estate and the Žebětín district.

At the same time, we are already working on the first analyses from the already collected interviews in Petřiny, Barrandov, Kohoutovice, Bohunice and Poruba. These will be presented at upcoming conferences in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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