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We are moving to Petřiny!

After the Barrandov housing estate, our Prague research will move to Petřiny, where we will again conduct in-depth interviews with local residents as well as participant observations. In the past few days, we conducted an initial walk with project colleagues to get better acquainted with the site.

The Petřiny housing estate is located in Prague 6 and covers the cadastral territory of Břevnov and Veleslavín. It was built between 1959-1965 and is one of the first major post-war housing estates in Prague, which were built on undeveloped areas close to the city center. The specific feature of the estate is that it does not have a clearly defined central space. However, the character of the center is ensured by a part of Na Petřinách Street (around the hotel house, Billa department store up to Maříkova Street, where the post office is located).

A total of 4,313 flats (of which 1,857 were cooperative) for 13,200 inhabitants were built in prefabricated houses. In 2011 there were 10489 inhabitants.

Important buildings from the architectural point of view are the House of Hotel Housing (1966-1969) and the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (1958-1965). The Hotel House was designed by the same architects who designed the Expo Hotel House in the Invalidovna housing estate. The Institute was designed by the well-known architect Karel Prager.

Today, the Hvězda complex (1994-2000) can be considered an integral part of the housing estate. This residential project was prepared by Vlado Milunić, who also worked on the Dancing House at that time. Areál Hvězda has a total of 350 apartments.

Finally, we must not forget the student dormitories Hvězda and Větrník!

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