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Presentations at the Annual conference of the Czech Sociological Society

Last week, the Annual conference of the Czech Sociological Society (ČSS) took place, at which we presented the results of our research to date. Two papers were presented in the panel “Financialization, Citizenship and Housing”:

Slavomíra FERENČUHOVÁ, Petra ŠPAČKOVÁ: Specifics of housing estates and residential satisfaction in Czech cities: a historical comparison

The researchers focused in their presentation on (1) introducing the GAČR project, (2) explaining the contents and strategies of the multidisciplinary research project from the 1970s using the documents published at the time, as well as the ‘reconstructed’ sociological questionnaire that the team used in their research. (3) They also presented the first results of the comparative survey of Prague neighbourhoods (inner-city neighbourhoods, housing estates, suburbs), that focuses on residential satisfaction and attitudes towards residential mobility.

Petra ŠPAČKOVÁ, Jan SÝKORA, Kadi KALM, Ondřej ŠPAČEK: Various housing estates’ trajectories in post-socialist cities: does the socialist legacy still matter?

The researchers explore the various housing estates’ trajectories from 1989 to 2011 in Estonia and Czechia. They are interested in what are the dominant trajectories of housing estate neighbourhoods in Estonian and Czech cities over the course of a twenty-year time span. Preliminary results show that:

  • There are different types of housing estates in different types of cities. Although there might be still a stereotypical image of a housing estate, they are a very diverse set of urban neighbourhoods with various development trajectories.

    • Capital cities seem to be the most diverse in terms of HEs types.

    • Housing estates’ types in CZ and EST are similar according to urban hierarchy

    • There is a different trend in trajectories of housing estates in CZ and EST

The researchers will now follow with further analysis!

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