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Field trip - HEs' in Brno

We went on a field trip to Brno! From Monday 2 August to Tuesday 3 August we were in Brno, where the whole project team finally met physically. During the two days there were project meetings, but also an excursion to one of Brno's housing estates (Bohunice) where qualitative research (in-depth interviews and participant observation) is currently underway. We also met the mayor there.

The Bohunice housing estate was built in the period 1972-1983 and between 1984-1989 there was further development (densification) of the estate. According to the plans, the housing estate was to have 5,000 flats for a total of 15,000 inhabitants. In 2021 there were 12,549 residents living in 6,220 flats. The prefabricated houses here have 8-10 storeys. The estate is accessible by tram, trolleybus and bus. It is located between the central cemetery, the highway and the complex of hospital and university campus buildings.

If you are interested in what the Bohunice housing estate looks like, you can take a look at the attached photos!

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